Photography Awards Tally

So far, I have won fifteen competition awards with the BIPP North West (BIPPNW). They are listed as follows:

BIPPNW 2016 GOLD TROPHY for Wedding Classic
BIPPNW 2016 Silver & Bronze Awards for Wedding Reportage
BIPPNW 2016 Bronze Award for Fine Art & Pictorial
BIPPNW 2015 National Bronze Award for Fine Art & Pictorial
BIPPNW 2014 Bronze Award for Wedding Reportage
plus 8 Merits in Wedding Reportage, Environmental Portraits and Fine Art & Pictorial


My Journey into Wedding Photography

I’m one of the lucky ones who’s already married, who’s already experienced how special the day is; how powerful the emotions are, how joyful it is to have your best buddies around you and sharing those silly moments with you, how humbling and yet elating that this gobsmackingly incredible woman chose me over all others. That was 14 years ago and still the feelings, the power and the intense heat of our day in Sorrento sit high in my mind, despite it being a very small do. It was a photographer's paradise. 

Yet all we had to show for it were some quick group shots taken by a local Italian a photographer. Over the years, besides mulling over our missed opportunity, I’ve looked at various friends’ wedding photographs and at times I couldn’t help but feel bored with the results. These were great days and all these photographers were failing to communicate the power of the day. From the totally incompetent end, I remember one chap who relied on his wife to bully other people into not taking pictures while he was, so he had sole rights to his imaginative images of rigid groups. It got so bad, the bride considered telling them to leave early so we could all enjoy the rest of the day.

Come 2011 I decided that as I was an already successful designer and commercial photographer, it was time to diversify into weddings and start projecting my approach on how wedding photography should be done. It wasn’t long before I found that I had a special talent for laying peoples’ emotions bare.

My goal is always to make imagery highly fresh and powerful enough to hold your attention. No sugar, no saccharine and nothing forced. Just real people with real emotions. 

In March 2013, the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) awarded me with a Licentiate after a presentation of my work from 2012, which was hailed as a highly fresh approach to wedding photography. In 2016, I was made an Associate member.


Interests - Apart From Photography!

My interests are quite varied, I am a bit of a geeky Star Wars and Alien fan. Also anyone who appreciates the quality of Frasier gets a friend for life in me :-) A frustrated skier - as I haven't been for 10 years now!

The latest interest is Steampunk, brought about since my first trip to the Whitby Goth Weekend. All great stuff and very friendly people! A goal is to shoot a Steampunk or Goth Wedding sometime soon!

As for music, my Brummy roots led me to the world of rock and that's where it stayed, with a growing appreciation for folk. I was one of the lucky ones to see Kate Bush live in 2014. What a show!