An afternoon collection of documentary and classical wedding photos by Chris Wright Photography! The moment has arrived, and I'm there to get it all! This is when the emotion comes thick and fast and I'm there watching and trying to take photos of everyone not keeping their cool! Then comes the relief, the hugs and kisses, the round of applause and it's time for a few quick group photos, but at this particular wedding moment, the bar is king and I have to remember that! Still if I can sneak it in, there is also an opportunity to photograph a few private bride and groom moments too, while everyone else is fighting to get served!
Reportage wedding photo of the bride and groom just marriedRomantic wedding shot of the bride and groom walking through the church groundsTraditional wedding photo of the bride in front of a huge windowAction wedding photograph the bride and groom kissingClassic wedding photo of a bride dancing through wild flowersClassic group wedding photo with a twistReportage photo of a wedding guest sat by a mess of colouring books and pensClassic wedding photo of a child playing on a pathClassic wedding photo of bride standing in a doorwayClassic wedding photo of full length bride in bolton schoolClassic wedding photo of the bride and bridesmaids in the groundsClassic wedding photo of the group in different posesReportage wedding photo of a cheerful guestReportage wedding photo of a family board meetingTraditional wedding photo of the couple by the carReportage wedding photo of a guest stealing a kiss from his daughterClassic wedding photo of a bride tip toeing through the gardensReportage wedding photo of a guest struggling with his childs shoeReportage wedding photo of a little boy looking like he has been caught outReportage wedding photo of a toddler giving someone the demon horns