An evening collection of documentary and classical wedding photography by Chris Wright Photography! This is when emotions can run at their highest! The wedding breakfast is over and the alcohol is now flowing. Then the speeches start and the best man needs propping up already. Everyone is praying that whoever writes the boring speech isn't on too long. Still, it's a chance for all the rich food to go down, then it's party time! All the wedding guests are laughing, dancing and hugging. The kids are playing, jumping, screaming and sometimes crying! Ticker tape is fluttering and the first dance is coming. The bridesmaids are three sheets to the wind and the bride might consider running her new husband through with the wedding cake knife - as he's had too many beers! Then there's the chance to shoot a romantic one on one on a moonlit night...Then, in the blink of an eye it's all over! My job is done for the day. Now comes the many hours of sorting through some terrific wedding photographs!
Classic wedding photo of bride and groom romantically backlitReportage wedding photo of a boy playing during the speechesReportage wedding photo of bride greeting a guestReportage wedding photo of guest looking sleepyAction photo of the bride and groom cutting the cakeClassic wedding photo of bride and groom standing by a big tapestryReportage wedding photo brides mother laughing during her speechClassic wedding photo of the bride and groom in front of Mottram Hall at nightFunny wedding shot of a little girl strutting on the dance floorCreative wedding photo of guests dancingReportage photo of a wedding guest relaxingReportage wedding photo of bride and groom playing by their wedding cakeReportage wedding photo of a family sharing a phone imageDocumentary wedding photo of bride groom and guest during receptionReportage wedding photo of best man laughingReportage wedding photo of the bride and groom sharing a laughReportage wedding photo of best man looking dopeyReportage wedding photo of the first danceReportage wedding photo of bride laughing with her fatherReportage wedding photo of couples first dance