A collection of other photography work. Some of it consists of pre and post wedding photo shoots, some are personal projects or even personal snaps taken on days out, and some is my famed wildlife photography - for more on that, see my dedicated website www.thepuffinman.co.uk.
Some of these have won some big awards too!
Wildlife photo of a puffin landing with stylePost wedding photo of a couple holding each other BIPPNW Merit winnerWildlife photo of a puffin landing BIPPNW Bronze WinnerPortrait photo of a war veteranWildlife photo of a puffin telling another to shove offFine art photo of a man walking along the merseyWildlife photo of two puffins in loveFine art photo of Whitby Abbey BIPPNW Merit winnerWildlife portrait photo of a puffin with a huge catchPre-wedding environmental portrait photoBaby portrait photoFine art photo of Staithes Cod and Lobster pubWildlife photo of a puffin flying BIPPNW Bronze WinnerEnvironmental portrait photo of mum and daughter laughingWildlife photo of three puffins talking to each otherPre-wedding environmental portrait photoWildlife photo of a puffin flying lowLandscape photo of kids playing on the beachPre-wedding environmental portrait photoWildlife photo of two cormorants looking in opposite directions